Bookkeeping Services

A successful business is enhanced with successful bookkeeping that maintains an effective accounting policy. Kwik Tax is happy to provide your business with bookkeeping services on a weekly or as needed basis. Our services allow more scalability and greater flexibility than an in-house accountant and are better for your business then deciding to do the bookkeeping yourself. By letting us take care of the numbers, you can get your focus back on your business and avoid confusing and costly mistakes in the future.

Payroll Services

Avoid the headache of payroll by allowing Kwik Tax to offer you payroll solutions. We provide a wide range of payroll services from withholding of tax benefit contributions and garnishments to setting up retirement plans. Tax regulations are constantly changing.You don't have time to constantly keep up with regulations while also trying to run your business. Kwik Tax are enrolled agent (EA) and federally-authorized tax practitioners with technical expertise in the field of taxation and we are constantly being updated on the tax regulations, therefore, avoiding costly mistakes that you might make should you do your payroll yourself.  

Tax Preparation

Successful tax minimization begins with long-term tax strategizing. Kwik Tax is available to help individuals and small businesses establish their overall objectives and ensure it is maintained minimizing the amount of taxes due at the end of the year. Kwik Tax would be happy to sit down with you and go over your current and previous year taxes and point out the area of concerns and improvement.

Business Setup

Our specialists at Kwik Tax can help you save time by assisting you in the setup of a new business. We specialize in helping first-time business owners and can help owners save the money needed for the operation of their business. We can assist you in registration for your federal employer ID, state sales tax registration and city and state licenses. We can also help you in setting up your business into a corporation and suggest which registration with suit your business needs.

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